( ahmad Zakaria's Collections )



1. Digital Data Measurement (PDF) (0.5MB)

2. The Scientist and Engineer's Guide to Digital Signal Process (PDF) (8.1MB)

3. Solutions to Mechanics and Thermodynamics (PDF) (0.6 MB)

4. Engineering - DOE Fuel Cell Handbook (PDF) (2.5MB)

5. Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics (PDF) (2.9MB)

6. Heat Transfer (PDF) (6.5MB)

7. An Introduction to Complex Analysis for Engineers (PDF) (1.0MB)

8.  An Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing (PDF) (1.8MB)

9.FEM and BEM notes (PDF) (2.7MB)

10. Wavelets, Approximation and Statistical Applications (PDF) (7.0MB)

11. Mathematical Methods of Engineering Analysis (PDF) (0.5MB)

12. Entropy and Partial Differential Equations (PDF) (1.1MB)

13. Applied Quantitaive Finance (PDF)

14. Dev. comp. prog. for simp. sums that involve binomial coef. (PDF) (1.2MB)

15. The 6.270 Robot Builder’s Guide (PDF) (4.0MB)

16. Lectures on Mechanics Second Edition (PDF) (1.4MB)

17. General Design Principles for DuPont Engineering Polymers (PDF) (2.6MB)

18. Composite Design and Theory (PDF) (5.4MB)

20. Lecture Notes on Probability, Mechanics, and Irreversibility (PS) (0.6MB)

21. Where AmI ? Sensors and Methods for Mobile Robot Positioning (PDF) (13.5MB)

22. electromagnetic field theory (PDF) (1.0MB)